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crowfallgold:PoE 3.2 Duelist Gladiator Builds

The Path of Exile Gladiator takes the hybrid nature from the Duelist a step additional, with a mixture of speed, power, and protection. The Gladiator works appropriately with dual wielding or one-handed weapon and shield combinations. The class presents possibilities to build around applying bleed, enhancing the player's blocking, and enhancing Endurance and Frenzy Charges. In this Post, we are going to share PoE 3.2 Duelist Gladiator Builds for you, and we'll update this article if we come across new builds for Gladiator



NO.1 [PoE 3.2 Gladiator Build] Beginner's Guide Bleed Gladiator - Uber Atziri/Uber Izaro/Shaper Viable

Strong rare helm with life, resistance, and either dex or intelligence if you need that is perfect for this build.
If you private your profile so we can see your characters it will be easier for us to explain where you go wrong, because it should be easy to fit in Kaom's heart if you wanted to.
Six link weapon
4 sockets for auras and ancestral protector
4 sockets for Cwdt setup + blood rage
4 sockets for leap slam setup and lastly Kaom's heart.

Is this build for you?
1. If you are looking for a beginner friendly bleed build.
2. A build that is not only viable in both hardcore & softcore but also Atziri, Uber Atziri & Uber Izaro as well as Shaper viable.
3. Very potent boss kill capabilities as well as good evident speed.
4. A build that promotes different playstyles to make it easier to find your specific preference.
5. If you prefer a build guide that has a video linked to it.

Build Enhancing Items:
There are a few item choices you can make besides deciding what type of weapon you are going to be wielding.
Haemophilia Gloves these gloves does not just grant you extra damage at the same time as dropping potential extra help for higher HP pool & resistance stats. It also makes sure that enemies like the Porcupines that shoots projectiles upon death never do fire their missiles on death. That makes these gloves extremely potent for hardcore players as this build does not manifest an entire screen of enemies in less than a second. These gloves sort that issue.
Carnage Heart this grants you tons of damage as well as some resistances, though you will lose some HP for wearing it and it can be replaced by a lot of other options that can still grant you HP & damage. Or hell, even wear a Bisco's Collar.
Kaom's Heart this grants you tons of HP but does drop socket possibilities in your chest. Wearing something like a Belly of the Beast gives you less life but some resistances & socket possibilities if you wish. Even a high life rolled rare chest piece would work well for the build.
Belt choices are rather vast; I prefer a rare one for the sake of increased Life as I feel that wearing more uniques would harm the comfortable playstyle the build promotes. The unique version is these:
Belt of the Deceiver which helps increased damage for bosses which we honestly don't need.
The unique option I would feel happy with wearing would be the Bisco's Leash due to some increased Quantity, but mainly the comfortable and insane Rampage buffs were skyrocketing your evident speed. (Keep in mind that you can wear the Rampage belt, and once you start the Rampage you can switch the belt for something else and still have the Rampage buff. Though as soon as you lose the stacks, you will have to reapply it which is why I feel like always wearing the belt if I chose to use it).

Creator: Ghazzy
Skill Tree:
Pob Link:
Video Link:
Uber Izaro -
Uber Atziri -
Shaper -
Example Link:

NO.2 [PoE 3.2 Gladiator Build] 440k+ Sunder Gladiator - Budget friendly

For the secondary weapon, it's what you prefer, yes. At the moment I'm thinking about removing blood rage which is not very important to have a DPS gem on my war chief. For the mana leech nodes, I don't need them cause I play with the soul taker which raise a lot my DPS, I had a 380 Ddp Axe with 166% increased physical damages and 12 to 20 physical damages with a little attack speed, but the sou taker was way better. The berserk on the tree didn't give me a lot of more DPS, so I preferred to switch them for life or res nodes.
Sunder is a "Melee" Skill with a range, which makes it a lot easier to evade everything that is being thrown at us. We are playing on a dual wield. As Sunder only uses the main hand for attacking, we can use the offhand as a supporting weapon.

+ Fast Attacker
+ Easy to play
+ 58% Block - 67% Spellblock
- Can't-do physical reflect maps
- Have to turn off Hatred for elemental reflect maps
- Can't-do no leech maps

3.2 pre Patch info:
Will the build be still viable in Poe 3.2?
From the current known changes yes. BUT we have to make a choice. Gracious Violence, our main clear helper, has been moved, so we need two labs to get it. That takes us away one point and leaves us with two options:
1. That is the one I am going to make: We keep spell block, but ditch outmatch and outlast
2. Ditch the spell block and keep out the match and out last.
I am very confident to go with the first choice because we still have one green socket free and will add Blood Rage to our setup. That will give us more leech, frenzy charges but will also degen us.

3.2 Any Changes to this build except the Ascendancy?
NO! No skills have been touched. This build works the very same as usual except the changed ascendancy points. Will check the new updated PoB and rebuild the leveling tree to something I came up with at the on of this league. Leveling will be more comfortable and smoother and we save one point. HYPE!

Creator: AkumaNoTsubasa
Skill Tree:
Pob Link:
Example Link:


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