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Going into a universe like Crowfall is a mixed bag for me personally

I think everyone role-plays to some degree in mmos... the issue is more about the qualitative level of it: The effort typists put into it.. The mutual respect of sharing effort to drive a story-line versus the messing around a lot of players tend to get up to. "Arggg I'm a dorf! Kill the elves Yarr!"


A lot of players will join RP and just part time it.. or not come in with proper effort cos "I'm a Role-player too." which can be a bit depressing for those who are really investing their time and effort.

After a while hopefully an RP community builds up and comes together to decide a few shared core ideas.. That's usually really positive. Without a shared philosophy RP tends to be very hit and miss.


So I think if I can use an analogy I think Role-play is a team sport.. Like any ball sport the easiest way to do it is pick up a ball and kick it to someone..


If you play it long enough you learn a few tricks.. You gain more control and your skill level goes up - like anything else.


The more you play the more you realize there are rules.. Etiquette. Sometimes you meet people who play by different rules (American football versus rugby?) But cos you both love your sport you figure it out and try and make even teams.


For me "Role-play" means high quality typist interactions and character driven story creation. I always hope to meet sincere and serious role-players.. and as "high a skill level" as possible -  just like in real life someone banging around a football wishes they could play Maradonna or Beckham or such.


This is probably a bit of an elitist view.. and Role-players can get reputations for being all sorts of moody cliquey types. But the reality is most of the time RP is just a few people banging a football around, rather than anyone actually trying to have a serious "world class" game.


My background comes from T1 para combat RP in IMVU.. I started that stuff when I was like 10 years old. I won't bore you with it  but it can get extremely complex.


Personally for me RP is anything I can do online that will lead to an interesting story.


I hope this helps..- Its just my on-the-spot thoughts on it. 

I'm hoping menmbers of the Crowfall dev team pop up and start telling us about what mad Roleplayers they are too 


Any idiot can click a mouse button until the pixels die. Typing out "the Jets song" in the middle of combat takes leet skills.


Good RP events DO tend to be pretty memorable even for ppl just observing it 


In BDO there was a guy who went round AFK-killing all the AFK fishermen in fishing hotspots (A big deal). He called himself "Dept_of_Fisheries" and rage-ganked everyone while screaming about fishing permits. Maybe it was just RP as excuse to grief but.. totally awesome.


RP as cruel and unusual punishment is always fun.


I think there are a lot of misconceptions about roleplay. Almost everyone thinks they know what it is cos.. you know how hard can it be actually?


SO i want to say this: It can be hard - and hardcore. No-limits roleplay can literally turn people into mental wrecks.


People have lost their lives exploring their own psyches - because if you're good at it and intrigued by it you invest some more and more of yourself into it. Its like the book of your life being written before you.


Noone will really understand what "Emotional Investment" means in a roleplay context until they actually do it. But for some of us our Roleplay characters become as close - or closer than even our own family in the real world. 


I can honestly say that I grieved more for a roleplay character dying on me than I did when my grandparents passed.

Lots of Hardcore Roleplayers can relate I think.


So going into a universe like Crowfall is a mixed bag for me personally - because I know whats at stake.


Its really why I asked this question: Do the Devs roleplay? Like seriously? Can they relate to what I'm talking about here. I kind of hope they have our backs when we step into their world. That they're preparing the way.


The guy sounds like a legend i did something similar in vanilla wow for 4months, just camping mara killing Crowfall gold farming hunters one after another until 4 or 5 of them would group up and kill me. Lowbies who were on their way to do mara would stop and join in and forget to go and do the instance. Was pretty funny having the moderators /w me to see if i was a chinese farmer or not since i spent so much time in the same spots they went to.

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