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Here are my thoughts about Crowfall Online

Crowfall is a Throne War simulator. When you break that phrase down into its components it is for two things, the siege of Royalty (i.e Kingdoms battling each other, and battling from Within in the form of political intrigue and politics) And the core 'War' component. It is a game about waging war on each other.

Crafters have it notoriously hard. If Eve online taught us anything, it's that a game wherein you can be utterly destroyed, have all of your belongings taken, and be left to start over again is not only heart breaking - it's grotesque.


The Developers have taken great care to say that 'Corpse Looting' will only be possible in the Dregs or certain Rulesets.


I personally feel that the consequence of getting 'ganked' and having to walk back to a new harvest node is not the end of the world. If anything, it makes the concept of crafting parties, or mercenaries for hire a very cool thing. Knowing that you will have to improve in skill in order to be able to reach the Dregs, and properly farm high tier items is incentive to advance your soul, or become financially powerful enough that you can pay others. 


It gives depth to a system that, in games like FFXIV, wherein the crafters have impunity in most situations and can just farm like mad, can be monotonous and mundane. Because you're able to leave campaigns and join new ones, combined with the Embargo system, I believe you're going to see players have a lot more freedom to hunt in the season they prefer, around the people they prefer. I believe that talented crafters will fall into a category like information brokers. You'll see good ones rise to the surface based on their ability to competently navigate the system.


A reminder also, that the materials in the game are 'Generic'. As such, you'll see tiers of items, not 'Spiderweve' or 'Soulsilk'. I expect that gathering core items won't be as challenging as mastering the creativity of the crafting system itself. 


That said, I am sure that, should the Development team find that they've created a game in which the crafting players can't constructively gather materials, solo, without getting killed repeatedly, that some sort of skill line, impunity system, or negative penalty will be imposed. We've seen talk, and quick dismissal of the system which would brand a player as a vigilante, or PKer. So it's likely that some sort of cloaking ability would be employed.


Which brings us to another point. A reminder that your Avatar is NOT your character. All skills roll up to your Crow. If you decide that gathering is too hard as your primary Avatar, you can simply Buy, Craft, or Roll a new Vessel with the traits and skills you feel would better suit your playstyle when farming. If you simply need the ability to outmatch, roll a tank. If you're more concerned with not being seen, then roll a stealth character.


Crowfall is a game in which every player SHOULD get very good at something. That thing may not be what you expect. Nor may it be what you thought it would be. But the concept of every player being able to log in, roll a crafter, and get that crafter to 'Max' does not belong in a game like Crowfall. Becoming a prominent crafter should require a Solid Eternal Kingdom, Good Connections, Hard Work, Cleverness, and Diligence. 


From God's Reach on down to the Dregs, the Arch of the Five Heavens is an escelatingly dangerous place. You will have to be the best of the best to brave its depths.


Again, I appreciate all of the opinions. And I can understand frustration at this suggestion from several players. Let's try not to flame each other. The fact is, all suggestions get us talking, exploring, connecting concepts, and one never knows from whence an amazing suggestion might come. Nuff said. Good Question Kith. I hope that gave you a bit more perspective.


If this dissuaded you from the crafting potentials in the game, I recommend that you take a look at Everquest Landmark. It's live now, and was 10$. It takes the Voxel Crafting in more of the direction you have suggested. And has the Minecraft building system (though admittedly much more beautiful). It will also give a sharp contrast to how Crowfall (And Camelot Unchained) are handling their crafting systems.


I expect that, the closer we get to the Throne War (World, Campaign, and Embargo) content launch that you will get a clearer, and more positive view of the crafting system. If not, and you're still ready and raring to play, you're welcome to join my EK. ALBION will have a warm place for folks just looking to craft.

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